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Vacuum Cleaner Battery for Dyson

We provide compatible Vacuum Cleaner batteries replacements. The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner batteries come with 12 Months warranty and Fast Deliver. In addition, replacement Vacuum Cleaner batteries for Dyson supplied by drill-battery.com.au meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Would You Like a Charger Adapter for Dyson?

Battery charger adaptor for Dyson ANIMAL 22.2V Vacuum Cleaner

Understanding your Dyson Battery needs

We strive to make you Vacuum Cleaner battery purchases easy. Since we understand that finding the right batteries for your needs can be overwhelming and confusing at times we developed a Vacuum Cleaner battery finder tool to help find the right size for the make and model of your equipment. We also offer educational articles and tips to help you conserve your batteries and understand common problems. By us providing education you are able to make the right purchasing decisions as well as provide proper care for all of your electronics.

How can I prolong the life of my Vacuum Cleaner battery?

There are several things you can do to help extend the life of your battery. First, store it separate from the Vacuum Cleaner to which it belongs. Do not leave it in the charger when it is fully charged. Second, keep it in a place that has a fairly consistent temperature. Finally, if dealing with Nickel based batteries, make sure that the battery is fully discharged before recharging it.

If my original Vacuum Cleaner battery is an Li-ion battery, can I use a different chemistry battery?

That would depend on both your charger and power tool. A lot of chargers will charge NiMH batteries and a few others will charge Li-Ion. However, even if your charger will do this, your Vacuum Cleaner might not. It is best in these situations, to check your user manual or contact the manufacturer to find out the technical specs of your model.

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